Voci Sparse vol. 11


► October 29, 2021
Opening at 21.30
Contribution to a free offer
Admission reserved for Acsi members in possession of the green certificate – green pass.
“This goes to eleven” – Nigel Tufnel
A little more than a year after the last episode, the format dedicated to Venetian songwriting and beyond is back.
Voci Sparse was born with the idea of ​​celebrating songwriting in Venice, managing, with the passing of its editions, to expand while maintaining an independent, underground and up-to-date identity.
A small party in a welcoming and familiar atmosphere, in which several voices gather, get to know each other and from which the desire to tell and express themselves through the most disparate sounds emerges.
• Marco Scaramuzza
Marco Scaramuzza is a Venetian singer-songwriter born in 1992. Grew up listening to the Italian songwriter, a bit for fun in 2017 he picks up his guitar and writes a song straight away, baptized in the waves of the sea. From that moment Marco never stops writing. With his guitar under his arm and his backpack on his shoulder, he leaves for Colombia and starts traveling. He sees the desert, the poverty, the folk dances and all this translates into his songs with narratives that take the listeners into a dreamlike and distant imagination. After three months, on his return to Italy, he realizes his musical project. Thus was born Gli invisibili, EP dedicated to all those hidden people who sometimes feel transparent, inadequate, who would like to upset their lives but cannot find the strength within themselves to do so.
• Anna and The Apartment
Anastasia Brugnoli, in Art Anna and the Apartment. Veronese singer-songwriter born in 1991. She finds songs in the closet, dances with them for a while and then sets them to music. After a series of singles released between 2020 and 2021 and an EP, she is currently working on her debut album.
• Giulia Gatto
Through the study of music and singing Giulia, she discovers at a young age a strong passion for theater that will accompany her from adolescence until today. You are trained in the Academies Lorenzo da Ponte in Vittorio Veneto, Nico Pepe in Udine and finally at the CTR in Venice. She deepens her personal experimentation of hers that unites the arts that have always defined her: poetry, music and theater. Her performative acts explore a perceptive hybrid capable of involving the viewer from a sensory and emotional point of view.
• Bharto
Existentialism, routine, love.
Bharto, [born Alberto Pagliuca] stages his life in the vast territories between pop, indie and rock. For the occasion he will present in trio his first work ‘Scratching the surface’ Ep out on October 21st, representation of this primordial phase of exploration and search for a personal and sonorous identity, which took place under the wing of the Black production. Deer Studio.
Please note that, according to the Decree-Law of 23 July 2021 n.105, access to the areas for shows (even outdoors) is allowed only to those in possession of the green certificate – green pass.
Artwork: Marcello Della Puppa

Cultural Association Spazio Aereo/Via delle Industrie 27/5 Marghera, VE
Cultural Association Spazio Aereo/Via delle Industrie 27/5 Marghera, VE