Tommaso Genovesi Quartet + jazz jam session


Sunday 12 February 2023
21:00 Tommaso Genovesi Quartet
10.00pm jazz jam sessions
Contribution: up to you
Communication reserved for ACSI members
Jazz is back within the walls of Argo16.
Every month a Sunday appointment with the best jazz bands in the area, followed by a jam open to all.
Caligula Records
In his forty years of activity in the jazz scene of the North East, the musician Tommaso Genovesi has collaborated with a vast number of artists and recorded three albums for Caligola Records. In his latest work, “Open Spaces” (2020), the empathy established with the members of his quartet confirms his full artistic maturity, not only as a musician but above all as a composer and leader.
The quartet is the most important musical project of his career and represents the synthesis of the musical experiences gained by its members, expressing themselves through the language of contemporary jazz. The resulting music contains Mediterranean, funk, free, rock and folk elements and is characterized by a dense interplay between the elements of the group and by a strong melodic and rhythmic component.
Alberto Vianello saxophones
Marco Privato double bass
Emanuel Donadelli drums
Tommaso Genovesi piano

Cultural Association Spazio Aereo/Via delle Industrie 27/5 Marghera, VE
Cultural Association Spazio Aereo/Via delle Industrie 27/5 Marghera, VE