DOOOM Orchestra


Thursday 15 December 2022
DOOOM Orchestra in concert
for the review Extensions – Jazz Club Diffuso
20:30 opening
21:30 start of the exhibition
Contribution — 5€
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DOOOM Orchestra is a collective of improvisers led by Francesco Cigana.
In their performances one can come across deep and sinuous melodies, calls of the forest, echoes of Indonesian islands, New York basements, geometric minimalisms, fireworks, futurist experiments, Dadaists, glacial silences, Berlin noise, processions, theriomorphic tribalisms, nursery rhymes childish, lullabies and apotropaic rituals.
The Delicious Orchestra Of Original Music knows how to amaze, make people dance and dream, as well as often involving the public by making them play objects, self-built instruments or other bizarre inventions, thus creating a unique and unrepeatable performance every time.
The DOOOM Orchestra wants to conquer the world and perform everywhere. You’ve already found it at a TED X, on a tram, in the park, in the theatre, at various festivals, in the museum, in the church, at the university and you will continue to find it in the most unexpected places!
A tireless creative mind, Francesco Cigana explores his own expressive potential using percussion instruments as a medium, mainly through improvisational practice with an approach linked to timbric and melodic research, the hypnotic-ritual dimension and the sound/noise border. He collaborates with many Italian and international musicians in various formations and ensembles, but for years he has also been deepening the solo dimension through different formats that include performances in the dark, soundtracks, site specific performances or more classic frontal concerts. He has performed in the main European festivals and is the artistic director of “A Love Supreme Impro Festival”, a music festival linked to avant-garde music and improvisation.
The concert is part of the second edition of “Estensioni – Jazz Club Diffuso”. The review was conceived and directed by the famous jazz and entertainment photographer Luca A. d’Agostino to bring jazz music to unusual places, born in 2021 and organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture by Slou cooperative society of which d’Agostino is co-founder and which touches various Italian regions, from Friuli Venezia Giulia to Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Piedmont and which has already touched various spaces in Veneto, from Vapore di Marghera to the Garden of Lugagnano di Sona (VR) and Circolo Nadir in Padua.

Estensioni Jazz Club Diffuso

Cultural Association Spazio Aereo/Via delle Industrie 27/5 Marghera, VE
Cultural Association Spazio Aereo/Via delle Industrie 27/5 Marghera, VE