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Friday 25 November 2022
Argo16 and other formats feature:
10:00 pm Luca Gallio live
11.00 pm Stefano Pilia live sonorization of Barbara Hammer’s works
00:00 Giulio Villano dj set
Contribution — 10€
Communication reserved for ACSI members

altriformati is a research collective founded in Venice in 2022 which focuses its attention mainly on experimental cinematography and video art. He intends curating as an artistic practice and method of study. He tries to derive from the methodological similarity and from the possibilities of the different arts the most rigorous differentiation in adapting and treating them according to the organic specificities that are proper to each.
Stefano Pilia is a guitarist, bassist and composer born in Genoa. His work takes shape starting from the instrumental performance practice and around the recording and production processes. Through the investigation of the synesthetic properties of sound, its relationships with space, time and memory, he has carried out a research always aimed at the sound experience as a possibility of philosophical and creative investigation. In addition to solo production, he is one of the founders of the group 3 / 4HadBeenEliminated, a synthesis between improvisation, electroacoustic composition and avant rock sensibility. He plays with the psychedelic quartet In Zaire, with David Grubbs and Andrea Belfi in the BGP trio, in the “Sogno del Marinaio” with the legendary Mike Watt on bass and Paolo Mongardi on drums, in duo with guitarist Alessandra Novaga, in duo with John Duncan , in trio with Anthony Pateras and Riccardo La Foresta, in quintet with violinist Silvia Tarozzi. From 2008 to 2016 he was part of Massimo Volume, from 2012 guitarist of Mali star Rokia Traoré and from 2015 he is part of Afterhours.

Sadly reduced by rhetorical claims to a pioneer of “lesbian cinema” (whatever that means), Barbara Hammer looks back on a long career as an experimental filmmaker and critic, constantly searching for new narrative forms and technical possibilities to offer the world a personal look at topics such as physical illness, media, gender, sexuality, age and healthcare. Two films proposed. In her 1990 short film Sanctus, the main point seems to be the ancient dictate of the body as a temple. Hammer has used old X-ray footage, remodeled, colored and orchestrated through the optical printer, in order to reveal bodily movements and rhythms hidden in their constant juxtaposition. The original score is by Neil Rolnick, a particularly frenetic electronic score woven from pieces of Christian choral music. The short Optic Nerve, five years before her, uses the images collected and reworked by Hammer during a visit to her grandmother in a nursing home. The film is a form of homage to the weakness of the body and to the need, even in the inevitable death, to care for the other. In this case the original score is by Helen Thorington.
Musician with a background ranging from classical to electronic music, she graduated in classical percussion and then continued her studies in theater and performance. In the search for her, the samples are investigated and manipulated in order to create an organic connection with the electronic sounds.
He gravitates around the world of clubbing from a very young age with different monikers. In 2019 and 2020 he was selected for the Biennale College Musica workshops aimed at DJs and producers during which he began to explore music horizontally, free from the concept of genre. This type of vision combined with extreme flexibility led him to share the stage with international artists and to found Flexy Hauss: a collective and web radio based in Fontaniva but with a global spirit. His djsets move between the energetic and the dreamlike, passing through the hypnotic and the dark, absorbing the essence of what lives and surrounds him.

Argo16 is a non-profit organization that maintains an independent space thanks to the support of members and artists.
Artwork: Francesco Bevilacqua
Thanks to Electronics Arts Intermix.
The original music of Sanctus is by Neil Rolnick.

Cultural Association Spazio Aereo/Via delle Industrie 27/5 Marghera, VE
Cultural Association Spazio Aereo/Via delle Industrie 27/5 Marghera, VE